Today we will analyze in detail what Instagram is and how to use it. In the step-by-step instructions, we will find out how to register and use all the functions. And if you are interested in 50 free instagram likes, go to the site.


Instagram: what is it and what is it for?

Instagram is a social network designed to publish photos and videos. She received the greatest popularity due to the fact that it is convenient for her to use with a smartphone.

The service has gained popularity for a long time. Now the number of its users has exceeded 1 billion people.

IG became successful quite quickly. It took him only one year to do this. In 2010, an application for iOS appeared, and already in December, developers celebrated the appearance of a millionth account. After 2 years, Facebook became interested in the social network and acquired it for $ 2 billion.

Instagram is a social photoset. Its essence is the publication of pictures and videos. The main functionality of the application and site is tied to viewing, processing and posting user materials.

Here are some of the actions available on Instagram:

You can take photos without leaving the program;
Pictures can be processed using different filters;
After the photos or videos are ready, you can post them on your profile.
You can go to the pages of friends or celebrities;
Users can like and comment on your photos.
You can make short videos that disappear after 24 hours;
This network is designed to share your life with friends and subscribers. Acquaintance and communication with different people brings a lot of impressions.

So Instagram is in no way inferior to Facebook or Vkontakte. In doing so, you get a new approach to posting and creating information.

How to use Instagram on the phone?
To be able to use all the functionality of Instagram, you will need to create an account in it.

There are two ways to do this:

Using a Facebook account;
Via email;
Here’s what you need to do when registering via Facebook:

Go to the Instagram site, click on the registration button;
Now you need to select the item where it is proposed to connect the future profile with Facebook.
It remains to enter the username and password and confirm the registration.

If you do not have a Facebook account or do not want to link it to Instagram, you can use the second method. Here’s what registration looks like via email:

Go to the IG website;
Open the registration page;
Indicate the mail address, last name, login and create a password;
A letter will be sent to your mail, in which you will need to go to the specified link;
To confirm registration, you need to go to the specified link.
Using Instagram is most convenient with your phone. So we recommend that you install a special application. To enter your profile you will need to enter the login and password that you specified during registration.

Program setting
After registration, you can begin to configure. Pay special attention to such things:

Personal data;
Synchronization with other social networks;
Required alerts.
Start with your data. Enter your email and mobile phone. This is useful in case of account recovery if you lose your password or are hacked.

After that, indicate who can view your publications. You can limit the circle of people who can come to you.

Set up alerts that you consider necessary, and the program will notify you of any events.

To quickly find friends, link your Instagram to social networks.

To do this, you need:

Go to the menu;
Open Options;
Then Settings;
Go to Linked Accounts;
Select the desired social network and connect it by specifying the username and password.
When you connect a social network, you can search for friends and also publish posts from Instagram in the attached social networks.

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